It all began in the Village where young Clever Mpoha learned how to survive the hurdles of village life through hunting, herding cattle and helping with running a small village shop. From the time he was a kid, he was always curious about Africa and decided to explore it so he could build a better future for himself, his family and the community.

And with the survival skills he learnt in the village, he was ready to conquer the world of business. With an initial capital of $1,000, he started a cell phone selling business in 1997, and built Savenda Group of Companies into an African conglomerate with group annual turnover exceeding $300 million dollars.

Savenda has helped to build lives in Africa with a diverse investment in manufacturing, insurance, construction, express printing, logistics solutions, medical supplies, mining services and risk assessment for ISO certification.

He has always had passion of helping with transforming the lives of African men and women who would like to pursue a career of entrepreneurship. It was from this history that he decided to pen down his story about how he made a barefoot journey from the village to the global stage.

This book shares with you his early life stories, business challenges and opportunities, and the tough decisions he made along the way to make The Savenda Group of Companies a conglomerate it is today.

Dr. Mpoha’s story will shape your entrepreneurship journey and give you insights on what it takes to build a global stage business from humble beginnings. This book will not just inspire you, but will give you practical ideas on building a successful business.

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