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Dr. Clever Mpoha has long been recognized in Zambia as a leading businessperson and philanthropist, and his humble beginnings make his life story an incredible source of inspiration.
Coming from the Nyikya Tribe, a people well-known for their “merchandizing culture,” he took lessons from herding cattle and working in the small family shop to his business and management style. His father and mother set up a business to sell commodities in the small shops of Nzonde, the small and remote village in rural Zambia where Dr Mpoha grew up. Throughout his entire childhood, he accepted all his tasks with pride thanks to his parents, who instilled within him a positive work ethic. His mother taught him the value of always doing one’s best no matter how humble the task. She was telling young Clever that, in this world, “one must be brave, strong and resilient.” He took this sage advice to heart.
Watching his parents make deals and make trades instilled in  Clever Mpoha the fundamentals of business . As he grew older and excelled in his high school studies, Mpoha developed a determination to continue his parent’s strong merchandizing bent –- but he harbored dreams on a much larger scale.
A major milestone came in his life after he travelled from Kitwe to Johannesburg, South Africa, to participate in a business leadership conference headlined by the famous Dr. Myles Munroe, world-respected for his powerful ability to motivate people, who Dr. Mpoha had long been admiring deeply. This experience inspired Dr. Mpoha and instilled with a new sense of determination when he returned home. That determination was an all- encompassing desire to stop working for others and to start building something for himself.
That’s what he did –- and that was the beginning of SAVENDA Group.

Savenda Group started as a supply management and logistics firm and, through the years, diversified into several other sectors, including agriculture, defence, manufacturing, and printing. The growth of Savenda Group coincides with Dr. Mpoha’s continued commitment to the Zambian people. Savenda participates in several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives across arts and culture, healthcare, education, women and youth empowerment, sports, disaster relief, community infrastructure development and even animal welfare.
These initiatives have had a major positive effect on the many beneficiaries, with Dr. Mpoha, most recently, realising the impacts of the COVID-19 disaster on Zambians and deciding to invest even more in his people. Amid COVID-19, Dr. Mpoha spearheaded initiatives to provide ventilators to hospitals, build infrastructure, support struggling artists, continually support marginalised students (particularly young women), construct important infrastructure and sponsor sports events.
Knowing the struggles children from rural Zambia often face, Dr. Mpoha became a strong supporter of empowering African entrepreneurs, and a believer in the growth potential of businesses within Zambia and beyond. That is why, he has committed Savenda Group to invest heavily in youth initiatives, with strong support to various childcare organisations, rural health centres and community schools.
A recent recognition of Dr. Mpoha’s leadership and philanthropic spirit comes through the Thembekile Mandela Foundation, which has appointed him as a member of its Advisory Board. Dr. Mpoha, who has contributed greatly through different cultural, social, sports and humanitarian efforts to Zambia as the Founder of Savenda Group, has been offered this prestigious position by the Foundation’s Chairperson, Ms Ndileka Mandela.
As a member of the Advisory Board of the Thembekile Mandela Foundation, Dr. Mpoha will be able to channel his energy, experience, expertise, and leadership toward the philanthropic causes of the organisation. The board has recognised his leadership and business expertise as helpful additions to the Foundation’s leadership team, emphasising its appreciation for the shared vision between Dr. Mpoha and the Foundation. His strong commitment to creating a better and brighter Africa, particularly for its youth, women, and next generations, is a dream and intent shared by Ms Mandela and the Foundation. Dr. Mpoha will work closely with the board and management team of the Foundation to clarify its future objectives and effectively execute its strategy.
Dr. Mpoha’s recognition by the Mandela family comes as a recognition of his lifelong commitment to grow and develop the Zambian economy and support its people. Dr. Mpoha launched Savenda Group with just $1,000 and, through his energy and dynamism, grew the company into a $300 million enterprise today.
Dr. Mpoha also has a strong passion for conservation and the climate. He has committed to turning his company into an energy and waste conscious enterprise. Savenda Group has invested heavily in green technologies, with Savenda Electric being the first company in Zambia to manufacture and sell energy-efficient LED light bulbs.
Dr. Mpoha keeps a clear eye on the future – he has invested heavily in innovative emerging industries like Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), implementing new and emerging technologies throughout the company. He sees the adoption of software and dynamic management systems as strong drivers of development within the economy. The focus of Savenda Group on always innovating and looking ahead has ensured that it best serves the needs of both its customers and employees.
‘The Business Mind of Clever Mpoha’, Dr. Mpoha’s recently released autobiography, explores the values necessary to turn a small business into a true success in Zambia. The book has been a valuable help to many other Zambian businesspeople. The experience picked up by Dr. Mpoha over multiple decades of developing Savenda Group has seen him lead and mentor many other Zambians to professional success. As one of the premier employers in Zambia, Dr. Mpoha’s dynamic entrepreneurial spirit has transformed the lives of many people in the country. Within this space, Savenda has played a critical role in empowering young women within
the business community through awards, as well as sponsoring the PUSH Women Network at the Lusaka Business Expo. So too, it is committed to economic development in the regions, acting as a sponsor to both the Central Province Investment Forum and Expo as well as the North-Western Province Investment and Trade Expo.

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This book gives a reader the perspective of building a business from scratch until you become successful beyond imagination. The book shares the early village life of Clever Mpoha, how he met his beautiful wife, the decision to quit his job together with his wife, the diverse culture, he has embedded in the company, the tough times in business and the political side of the business.


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Chapter two

How I Chose Business over a Job

In 1997, Dr. Miles Munroe announced that he would be coming to Africa for a Business Seminar. And having been a follower of Dr. Munroe for years,

I decided to be part of the delegates for that conferece.

I was excited. I left for South Africa at a time I was working for Barloworld together with my wife.

Dr. Munroe was amazing, and he opened up my mind.

When I came back, I told my wife that I could no longer work for another man.


The trip from Kitwe to Johannesburg was a peculiar one. At the time I made this trip, I was just a mere employee with a tight budget of finances.


Chapter Three

Making Money through Risk Management

You cannot build a successful business without taking any risks. Entrepreneurship rewards risk-takers.

If you are one of those people who is afraid of losing money, then business is not for you.

We took a lot of risks along the way to build the business we have today.

Savenda Management Services is a product of proper risk management of money. Let me expound on this.

We all have access to the money, either as an employee, business owner or consultant.

Once we get those funds, we have many choices on how we spend that money.

You can decide to spend all the money on daily expenses or spend part of it on daily expenses and leave some of the funds for investing.


Chapter Nine

Challenges That Came Along The Way

Before I was enlightened, I used to think that when you become successful, everyone would be happy for you.

I believed that becoming successful brings only good things and nothing negative.

Alas, I was wrong.

Success can bring its own challenges. And these challenges, if not managed well, can affect your business negatively and impede your progress.

Success in business can create enemies and back-stabbing. The competition can become unhealthy and unfriendly.

The workers can become your biggest nightmare.

And as the owner of the business, you need to come up with ways to address these challenges as they come along.

You can’t sit and wait for these challenges to consume you and your business.



Chapter Ten

The Political Side of Business

The biggest challenge that comes with being a successful business in Africa is the politics that come with it.

Once you become a successful business, you will never run away from politics.

In most African countries, politics tends to divide people sharply. You should either be a part of group A or group B.

And if you choose any one of the groups, you will immediately become an enemy of the other group.

As Savenda, we are on the political side of money. Since the beginning, our goal has always been business and not politics.

Many people have asked me if I would consider joining active politics, and I have always declined such offers.

I am a businessman, not a politician. However, I will not run away from politics because I will definitely have my preferred candidates and political party of choice.